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TME Microtime is one of the worlds most advanced systems for
automatic recording of employee attendance and for producing
work-hour reports. The system is designed for small, medium
and large organizations with up to 10 000 employees

Caters for Break / Lunch deductions, Rounding,
Overtime, Special Hours, Lateness, Holidays &
Absences, Average hours, Department swapping,
Unlimited amount of individual work / shift patterns &
Departments, Planner / scheduler, Job Costing Module,
Export facility built in integrated with most NZ payroll
software, Who's in report for Health and Safety,
Password protected. Superb range of reports over
any date range for a single employee, all employees, or by department.

TME Microtime

Interface with NZ Payroll Software:
► MYOB payroll
► Comacc payroll
► IMS Payroll
► Fivestar Software

TME's Time & Attendance system Benefits:
Eliminate time sheets & avoid time fraud
Save up to 5% on your payroll cost
Eliminate pay disputes
Payroll preparation with just a click
Better accuracy of IN / OUT Times
Range of management reports
Job costing for individual employees, department job costing and downtime job costing.
Easy to use job costing software to key projects / jobs into
Up to three level Job Costing: Main Project, Sub project, Tasks/ Missions. 
►  Reference number across all Jobs level for PO Number/ Customer No.
Includes Time & Attendance software.

Time and Attendance People !